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Culture Wars
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Culture Wars

Don Closson


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For Further Reading
Barna, George. What Americans Believe: An Annual Survey of Values and Religious Views in the United States. Ventura, Calif.: Regal, 1991.
This compilation of survey data is helpful in discerning how and if those claiming to be Christians believe differently from the rest of society. Often, there is remarkably little difference.

Bennett, William J. The De-Valuing of America: The Fight for Our Culture and Our Children. New York: Summit, 1992.
A personal account of Dr. Bennett's battle as secretary of education with the progressive factions in education. His discussion is indicative of how polarized our society has become over important issues facing our country. Dr. Bennett has a knack for stating complex problems and ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.

Bloom, Allan. The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987.
This book has become a classic in regards to the effects of relativistic thinking on modern society, particularly on higher education. It is not an easy read, but the sections on the student and on the university are accessible to most.

Carter, Stephen L. The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion. New York: Basic Books, 1993.
Although written from a politically and theologically liberal perspective, this book makes a valuable defense of religious freedom while acknowledging the very real differences that separate the two sides of the current culture war. The author is a law professor at Yale University.

Hunter, James D. Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America. New York: Free Press, 1992.
An important and accessible book for those interested in understanding the emotional confrontations that are taking place in our society today. Hunter covers most of the institutions that are critical to the conflict: education, the media, entertainment, etc.

Mouw, Richard J. Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity, 1992.
If indeed we are in a culture war, how should it be fought? With convicted civility, replies Dr. Mouw. This is a must-read for Christians who are willing to enter into dialogue with our modern society. Dr. Mouw's concern for right motives as well as effective arguments is a needed balance in today's heated exchanges over the moral issues that face us.

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