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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Friday

The alumni get ready to sharpen their critical thinking skills through Sue Bohlin's session on the use of "Four Killer Questions."

Chris Klabunde's sketchbook was never far from him, and if he wasn't taking notes during the teaching sessions, he was sketching the teachers! (And doing a fine job, too. . .!)

Mallory Cook and Holly Huertas in deep discussion about their morning session.

Or maybe the amazing guys who come to Mind Games.

Rain threatened the high ropes course, so a lot of people ended up hanging out in Mountaincrest Lodge this afternoon. Ray Bohlin had offered a game of "Axis and Allies" to anyone interested in learning humility.(!) Suzanne Schenewerk joined Ray's Axis, to the Allies played by Beau Kellington and the Zeiger brothers (Daniel and David, Heather's husband and former Probe intern).

It was a day of humiliation for Beau and the Zeiger brothers. Bless their hearts.

Heather Zeiger and Grace Waldrop played a card game with Tim and Yaffah Lewis and Jess Talley.

Libby Nussbaum and Christine Kerns hanging out during Friday afternoon's free time.

As everyone gathered for the special banquet Ozark Conference Center prepared for us, there was a continual celebration of the fact that we sure all "clean up good"!!

Suzanne Schenewerk and Erin Singleton react to the sight of Todd Kappelman in a tie.

Cameras came out like the paparazzi to capture the delightful beauty of best friends: Christine Kerns, Libby Nussbaum, Brooke Cook and Gema Beasley.

Rosemary Wright and Sarah Davis show their dazzling smiles.

Our musicians Ben and Cody Van Scyoc flank Sarah Evans, Kaitlyn Rothaus and Christina Henderson.

Karla Evans and Matt Goodlett.

Holly Huertas and Ben (or is it Cody?) Van Scyoc.

Kaitlyn Rothaus enjoyed Mind Games so much last year she brought Andrew Brooks this year so he could experience it for himself!

Erin Singleton, Daniel Zeiger and Julia Meek standing behind Suzanne Schenewerk and Rick Wade.

Christina Henderson and Joe Peterson enjoy their last night as fellow alums.

Chef Adam comes out to visit with Ray and Sue Bohlin and Steve and Patti Cable. He was pleased to hear the carved ham he served up was the best ham the Bohlins had ever eaten in their whole lives! (Same goes for his homemade croutons that elevated salad to new heights all week. . .)

Our wonderful alumni: Grace Waldrop, Karla Evans and Erin Singleton (back row), Christina Henderson, Kaitlyn Rothaus and Ryan Brooks (middle row), and Joe Peterson (kneeling).

Gema Beasley, Mallory Cook and Holly Huertes are ready for the final "Campus Christianity Redux" session.

Sarah Davis reassures Sue Bohlin of her plans to come back with a van full of people next year!

The Probe staff gathered to answer any remaining questions: Rick Wade, Todd Kappelman, Steve Cable, Heather Zeiger, Sue Bohlin and Ray Bohlin.

They then asked a review question drawing on their lectures; students with the correct answers won a prize. . .

. . . a brand new "Redeeming Darwin" DVD on Intelligent Design that Probe just produced, hot off the press! Kaitlyn Rothaus is delighted with her big win.

The rest of the evening was comprised of the showing of a movie which we then discussed with the critical thinking skills developed throughout the week, then a mini-concert by Cody and Ben, concluding with a talent show featuring both students and Ozark staff.

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