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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Monday

Chris Klabunde is bright-eyed and bushy tailed for eight a.m. devotionals!
Julia Meek, Erin Singleton, and Suzanne Schenewerk after a morning session.

Beau Kellington queries Rick Wade.
Yes, we forgot to bring our own pens to Mind Games, but these are so much cooler! (Sarah Davis, Kenzie Heidelberg, and Holly Huertas)

Daniel Zeiger before the next session.
Ben and Cody Van Scyoc, our terrific worship leaders for the week.

Julia and Sarah strategizing the low ropes course.
I think they're supposed to be organizing by height without touching the ground!

Kenzie and Erin: "We're supposed to make it across that?!"
Brooke Cook already trusts these people she just met!

Hope no one has second thoughts about catching Julia. . .
Chris takes a power dive.

Ryan Brooks takes his turn on the "faith fall."
Rosemary Wright is really unsure about this one.

Joe Peterson, Kenzie, Beau and the others can't touch the ground. . . at all!
Kenzie, Beau, Andrew Brooks, and Gema Beasley struggle to solve this puzzle.

Three feet on the platform + no feet on the ground = teamwork.

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