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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Sunday

Students and families of those who drove their students to the Ozark Conference Center gather for a welcome and an overview of the conference from Dr. Ray Bohlin. This year we welcomed people from Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Oh, and Arkansas!

First thing on the agenda was a fantastic dinner, which set the tone for the whole week: "This is camp food??!!??? WHOA!!"

Surprisingly excellent food is one of the things that makes OCC such a memorable place to hold our Student Mind Games Conference.

Chef Adam came out at every meal to visit every table and check to make sure we were pleased. He truly enjoys using his considerable gifts and training to serve the Lord and give campers a great dining experience.

Mallory Cook engages with "The Professor" (Ray Bohlin role-playing a hostile atheistic sociology professor collecting information on the religious beliefs of young people), remembering that he's wearing a "Probe Staff" shirt so he can't really be as bad as he seems!

"The Professor" challenges a confident Brooke Cook on why she claims to be a Christian. Brooke is flanked by Holly Huertes on her right and Gema Beasley on her left

An ever-respecful Chris Klabunde isn't afraid to talk back. Or maybe he is, but he's just covering it well. . .?

Mind Games alumna Christina Henderson has been through this before and knows that "The Professor" can make your brain freeze, but he doesn't bite. On Christina's right are Sarah Davis and Kenzie Heidelberg; on her left is fellow alum Kaitlyn Rothaus.

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