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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Thursday

Fellow alums Karla Evans and Kaitlyn Rothaus honor the Probe staff by coming out early for devotions on the beautiful back deck.

Karla holds the record for attending more than anyone in the 15-year history of Mind Games: this was her fourth time, and on top of that, last month she heard us present our "Basic Defense" track at Arkansas Super Summer!

Daniel Zeiger absolutely loved the food this week. He's jumping up and down on the inside. At the table behind him, Probe instructor Rick Wade visits with Ozark Activities Director Yaffah Lewis and staffer Derrick Barivieva.

We really enjoyed the way Cody and Ben Van Scyoc led us to the throne of God in worship every morning and evening.

Brooke Cook is thrilled to be at Mind Games!

Erin Singleton shines no matter what time of day it is.

Beau Kellington, Grace Waldrop and Kaitlyn Rothaus enjoy a delicious, healthy lunch.

Ryan Brooks and Matt Goodlett

Sarah Davis, Sarah Evans and Patti Cable

Todd Kappelman and Sue Bohlin led an informal large-group discussion on modesty that was frank, enlightening, and practical for both girls and guys. We discussed dress for girls and porn use for guys.

The girls asked questions of and addressed the guys, and vice versa.

Friends new and old, from the top: Rosemary Wright, Sarah Davis, Kenzie Heidelberg, and Christina Henderson.

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