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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Tuesday

Rick Wade leads morning devotionals

In the Origins session, Ray Bohlin illustrates the "just right" aspect of the earth's distance from the sun with the help of Suzanne "Atlas" Schenewerk, holding the earth, and Erin "Sunny" Singleton holding the flashlight.
Ryan Brooks rests after a tough morning session.

Chris Klabunde on the "scream swing."
Daniel Zeiger gets hoisted to new heights.

Rosemary Wright gets her harness checked.
Andrew Brooks swings through the air.

Beau Kellington takes a deep breath before letting go.
Christina Henderson prepares to swing.

Sarah Davis and Christina enjoying the great outdoors.
Chris finishes up his reading assignment.

We love the pool, which was designed with Mind Games in mind! It's open every day for us from 4:00 to 6:00, after organized recreation (or naptime). Many students expressed their delight at the amount of afternoon free time, which brings balance as well as the chance to process all the great stuff they're learning the rest of the time!

Joe Peterson shows his fine form off the diving board.

Joe Peterson, Andrew Brooks, Christina Henderson, Sarah Davis, and Ryan Brooks show that Mind Games is definitely NOT all work and no play!
Erin Singleton, Brooke Cook, and Patti Cable lined up for and anticipating another wonderful meal.

Chris Klabunde, Matt Goodlett, Heather Zeiger, and Jon Zeiger converse over porkchops.
Beau Kellington was quite focused on his meal.

Ray Bohlin, Julia Meek, and Daniel Zeiger enjoyed their dinner!
Kenzie Heidelberg and Sarah Davis examine their salad. Ben or Cody Van Scyoc (sorry, most of us never learned to tell them apart) looks on.

Joe (and the photographer!) catches Christina taking a bite.

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