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Ozark Mind Games 2007 Report: Wednesday

Todd Kappelman preaches to a full crowd at morning devotions.
Libby Nussbaum and Christine Kerns prepare for their first session of the day.

Suzanne Schenewerk looks pleased to be awake.

Karla Evans, Jon Zeiger, Sarah Evans and Kenzie Heidelberg prepare for another lecture.

Todd Kappelman doesn't like PowerPoint. But he loves drawing on white boards as he teaches. . . and it all makes sense when he's doing it! In addition to being on Probe staff, Todd teaches philosopy at Dallas Baptist University. Looks like a philosopher, huh?

The buildings at Ozark Conference Center are far enough apart that students get the opportunity to walk off the excellent food several times a day.

This year's alumni gather in Mountaincrest Lodge for another one of their special sessions: Ryan Brooks, Joe Peterson, Christina Henderson, Kaitlyn Rothaus, Grace Waldrop, Erin Singleton, and Karla Evans.
Andrew and Ryan Brooks and Beau Kellington share a notebook and a couch during "hang out" time.

Chris Klabunde and Jon Zeiger let their lunch digest before reading groups begin. Each day, reading groups rotated to a different Probe instructor who helped them learn to read critically various articles from non-Christian writers.
Karla Evans and Patti Cable discuss the lectures.

Christina Henderson discusses a fine point of theology with Joe Peterson. Or maybe it was comparing last year's conference to this, since they are both alumni who really enjoyed seeing each other, along with the other returning students.
Kaitlyn Rothaus and Andrew Ryan at another mealtime.

Sarah Evans gets prepared to tackle the rock face with direction from Ozark staffer Tim Lewis, as fellow staffer Eric Brace looks on.
Mallory Cook makes it up as she goes along.

Julia Meek gets some advice before tackling the climb.
Steve Cable takes some time to discuss time management with our alumni.

Is it time to eat again yet???

Darrin Johnston, Sarah Davis, Brooke Cook, Holly Huertas and Matt Goodlett.

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