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Ozark Mind Games 2002 Report: Tuesday

Cramming for readings

Susie Smallwood, Ellie Warren and Kristen Whitehead work to finish their reading assignments before the first session begins.

Ropes Course: Kimberly and Molly

Ozark Conference Center has a top-notch ropes course for those who want to participate. Kimberly Church and Molly Haas work together 30 feet in the air and learn about trust in a whole new, hands-on way.

Ropes course: Kevin and Azariah

Kevin Clarke and Azariah Cornish harnessed up and ready to conquer the ropes course with cooperation and strategy.

Ropes course: Swing

John Schellhase finishes the ropes course with a flourish and a whoop by swinging safely from his harness. Ozark staff Will Clapp enjoys the fun from the ground. The ladder is for getting people back to earth safely.

A big storm approaches

Toward the end of Tuesday afternoon, a huge thunderstorm came in, putting an end to the outdoor recreational activities. From the top of the mountain, where Ozark Conference is, we were able to enjoy the grandeur of the weather. Keri Blunier and Elise Fitzgerald celebrate the coming rain.

Storm 2

Once the deluge hit, four guys (who shall remain nameless) got in touch with their "inner child" by stripping to their shorts and playing wildly in the rain. They thought about getting soap and shampoo (it was THAT hard a rain) but then decided against it.

Fajitas for dinner

Fabulous fajitas for dinner Tuesday night.

Students worshipping

What a joy to see many of the students participate in heartfelt worship!

Rick Wade teaching apologetics

Rick Wade taught two sessions on apologetics. Here he explains the reliability of the Bible.

Students listening to Rick Wade

Daniel Ruck, Keeli Warford, Shelli Warford, Rebekah Wiley and Jennifer Robison listen intently to Rick Wade expound on Apologetics 2. Andrew Whitbeck sits behind them.

Students and Ozark staff browse book table

Both Mind Games students and Ozark Camp staff browse the booktable during a break during the two evening sessions.

Taking' a break

Steven Helmick, Ann Haney, Katie Lepine and Keri Blunier relax during the break.

Ray and Sue Bohlin teach on Mars and Venus

Ray and Sue Bohlin team teach "Guys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus." They enjoy giving this lecture and every year the students tell us on their evaluations they enjoy hearing it!