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Ozark Mind Games 2002 Report: Wednesday

Rick leading Wednesday morning devotional

Every morning at 8 a.m. there's an optional devotional lead by a different Probe staff member. Rick Wade led Wednesday's devotional. Usually we hold it outdoors on the back deck, but after Tuesday's torrential downpour the deck was too wet.

Students at devotional

Erik Wright, Ann Haney, Keri Blunier and Steven Helmick showing their faithfulness and self-discipline in getting to the devotional after a late night.

Michael Gleghorn

Michael Gleghorn teaching on "Is Jesus the Only Savior?" (Short answer: yes.) Later in the day the new students listened to Todd Kappelman teach on Political Correctness and Postmodernism and Sue Bohlin teach on Homosexuality, while the alumni attended sessions on Feminism (Sue) and Tradition and the Church (Rick). The final session was "What's in a Movie?" by Todd Kappelman, followed by a short film based on a Flannery O'Connor story.

Sue Bohlin with alums

Sue Bohlin teaches the intimate (eight) alumni group on Feminism's effect on both the church and the campus.

Waiting for dinner

There's downtime for the students. After the afternoon recreation time, during which some did the ropes course, others played volleyball, still others went swimming and a number napped, these students relax and chat as they wait for dinner.

Playing cards

While waiting for dinner, Jennifer Robison and Rebekah Wiley play cards with Madison Holetz, the daughter of Ozark's director Michael Holetz. Behind them, Shelli and Keeli Warford play another game.

Wednesday dinner

Everyone loves the food at Ozark Conference Center. Jennifer Robison, Jordan Singleton, Ozark staff Will Clapp and Mackenzie Holetz chow down.

Wednesday worship

Wednesday night worship, as more students get involved. Keith Bostian leads, accompanied by Jordan Singleton on bass, Jennifer Robison and Rebekah Wiley on vocals, Will Clapp on guitar and Ozark staffer Doug on the drums.

Josh and Etienne

Josh Baxter and Etienne Gubert

Ryan and Azariah

Ryan Dusek and Azariah Cornish