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Ozark Mind Games 2006 Report: Tuesday

One of our great joys is when alumni come back for a visit. Kathryn Jones and Sue Bohlin enjoy catching up.

Yes, it's a total-immersion week of worldview and apologetics training. Yes, the students are bright and teachable. Yes, they're making some deep and rich friendships.

But it's still a camp. OCC staffer Derrick Barivieva sports a banana left over from a lunchtime skit, deposited on his head by his fellow staff member Joanna Mason.

Gifted musician Glen Reeves brought his trumpet, with which he not only impresses fellow trumpeter MaryJo Mott, but he has also accompanied worship songs on several occasions this week.

Ray Bohlin leads his reading group in a discussion of a couple of web articles critical of intelligent design.

Getting ready for rock climbing. A.J. Rose, OCC staffers Martha and Joanna Mason, and Glen Reeves

Christina Henderson scaling the wall, putting the guys to shame.

MaryJo Mott scampering up the wall, also putting the guys to shame.

Glen Reeves - Not only is he a musician, but he can leap tall rocks in a single bound.

A.J. Rose conquering the wall

Ben Wright - 1, the rocks - 0

"Once I got to the top, I was wanting to climb some more!" - Jason James

The friendship circle with Glen Reeves, Christina Henderson, Kaitlyn Rothaus, Karla Evans, and Kyle Morrison

Ray and Sue Bohlin team teach "Guys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus." Alumnus Whit Buck commented that he put what he learned about listening into practice this past year, and he turned into a chick magnet. (Our words, not his...)

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