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Ozark Mind Games 2006 Report: Saturday

The long week of lessons and fun draws to a close. Keb Ramey got up too early this morning.

Kaitlyn Rothaus and Rachel Smoot are beside themselves for joy looking forward to the drive back to Oklahoma City.


So, Whit (Buck), tell us what you thought of this year's conference? Whit? Whit?

Okay Kyle (Morrison), give me your best "my-brain-is-full it's-too-early surprised" look.

Is there any time of day that Karla isn't photogenic? (Karla Evans giving a beautiful Saturday morning smile).

Sue Bohlin is surprised as she is presented with her "angel wings" (on which each person had written a sweet note) from the OCC staff as a gesture of affection and appreciation.

Good-bye everybody! See you next year.

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