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Ozark Mind Games 2006 Report: Friday Night Banquet

The Ozark kitchen staff prepared a truly lovely and delicious banquet for us on our last night, served by the camp staff (which felt a little strange and humbling, since they had been fellow students all week in the teaching and discussion sessions!). It was fun to see everyone cleaned up and dressed up from camp clothes. The phrase "We sure clean up good!" kept coming to mind.

Karla Evans, Keb Ramey and Bek Davis

Jonathan Fix and Whit Buck

A.J. Rose and Glen Reeves

Amy Smith, Grace Waldrop and MaryJo Mott

Whit Buck, Ben Wright and Amy Smith (with Glen Reeves in the foreground)

Back row: Rachel Smoot, Matt Larson, Joe Peterson. Front row: Kaitlyn Rothaus, Christina Henderson, and Kyle Morrison

Jason and Mary James

Ryan Brooks and Alan Jennings

Ray and Sue Bohlin

Roger Harmon (OCC Staff) and Rick Wade

OCC Staff Derrick Barivieva and Jacob McQueen (who had the ever-memorable camp name of "Tickbait")

OCC Staff Jessie Courtney and Shasta Chandler

OCC Staff Jess Talley and Martha Mason

OCC Staff Naomi Maunu and Joanna Mason

OCC Staff Brad Gorz and unnamed friend

OCC Staff David Bostian and Tim Lewis

OCC Program Director Yaffah Mark (her name means "Beautiful" in Hebrew and she truly is, inside and out) and Katie Hill

One last picture with the lovely Ozark hills in the background before changing into "hanging out" clothes. Back row: Joe Peterson, Kyle Morrison, Matt Larson. Front row: Christina Henderson, Kaitlyn Rothaus and Rachel Smoot

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