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Human Nature -Who are We?
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Human Nature

Who Are We?

Don Closson

Belief System Comparison

Belief System Examples Major
Our Dilemma Solution
Theism Christianity The Bible Created in God's Image- animal and spiritual being. Sin-Man's disobedience has caused a fallen world and separation from God. Accepting God's provision for sin, Jesus Christ, and receiving forgiveness.
Behaviorism B.F. Skinner Walden Two; Beyond Freedom and Dignity Evolved- animal totally conditioned by environment Man is not free to act but will not admit it. Allow planners to construct perfect society.
Collectivism Karl Marx Communist Manifesto;
Das Kapital
Evolved- animal conditioned by environment Capitalism and its resulting alienation. Replace capitalism with socialism and eventually communism.
Existentialism Jean-Paul Sartre Being and Nothingness Evolved- animal without essence. Man is a prisoner of his total freedom in the face of an absurd existence. Make authentic choices in the face of meaninglessness.
Humanistic Psychology Abraham Maslow Toward a Psychology of Being Evolved - animal who can become self-actualized Society holds people back from becoming self-actualized Re-arrange society to enable self-actualization
Trans-personal Psychology Gerald G. Jampolsky Teach Only Love Evolved-both in a physical sense and a spiritual sense We have forgotten our oneness with the Self of the universe. Go through a transformational process via meditation or some other method.
Sociobiology Edward O. Wilson On Human Nature Evolved-animal completely controlled by genetic make-up We cling to ideas that fit a previous era (Ice-age hunter gatherers) in our evolutionary journey Social policy needs to take into account the genetic roots of behavior and begin to design our future genetic foundations.

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