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Cover Page
Notebook Welcome
     I. Foundational Issues
World Views: What is True? Building a Foundation 
What is a World View?
Reality is Made of Truths
Six Major Questions
What are the Major World Views?
Comparison of World Views
World Views Should Pass Certain Tests
Creed by Steve Turner
Notes/Further Reading
World Views in Western Culture
A (Not So) Brief Defense of Christianity
What is the Most Reasonable World View?
Is it Reasonable to Believe that God Exists?
If God Does Exist How Could We Know He is There?
Was Jesus an Historical Person?

Are The Biblical Documents Reliable?
Are the Biblical Documents Reliable?-Introduction
Old Testament
New Testament

Who Was Jesus ?
Jesus Was a Unique Man of History
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a Historical Fact
The Resurrection Demonstrates the Truth of Christianity
Jesus is the Lord of History
Further Reading

Creation /Evolution
Origins Debate is Clouded with Confusion
The Universe is Finite and Designed for Life
Life is a Product of Creative Intelligence
Challenging the Idea that All Life Descended from Common Ancestor
From the Universe we Learn about God
Notes/Further Reading
Human Nature -Who are We?
Are Humans Significant in a Special Way?
Are Humans Good, Evil or Blank Slates?
What Happens When We Die?
Conclusion/ Notes
Belief System Comparison
Further Reading
Campus Christianity
Spiritual Wastelands 101
Thinking Christianly
Cultivate a Teachable Spirit
Pursue Excellence
God Has Called Us Not to Success, But to Faithfulness
Conclusion/Further Reading
II. Theology and Apologetics
Theology and the Student
What is Theology?
The Nature of Theology
Nine Areas of Theology
Notes/Further Reading
Is Jesus the Only Savior?
Religious Pluralism
Christian Inclusivism
Some Remaining Questions
Conclusion /Further Reading
God and Evil
The Problem of Evil Clarified
The Logical Problem of Evil
The Evidential Problem of Evil
The Religious Problem of Evil
Notes/Further Reading
Measuring Morality
What is Ethics?
Universality of Human Ethics
Ethical Foundations
Ethical Sources
The Natural Ethic (Nature)
The Consensus Ethic (Majority Rule)
The Arbitrary Ethic (Power)
The True Absolute Ethic (Transcendence)
The Moral Dilemma-Who Makes the Rules?
Notes/Further Reading
     III. Thinking "Christianly"
The Christian Mind
Why do I need a Christian Mind?
What is a Christian Mind?
When Do I Have to Develop a Christian Mind?
How Do I Develop a Christian Mind?
Notes/Further Reading
Thoughts for the Thinking Student
Develop a Christian World View
The Mind is Important
Take Ownership of Beliefs
From the What to the Why
Breaking the Sacred/Secular Barrier 
Importance of Christian Scholarship
Ask First "Is It True?"
How Do We Teach These Things?
Notes/Further Reading
     IV. Science and Christian Faith 
Science and World View
What is Natural Science?
The Roots of Modern Science
Christianity and Science
The Limitations of Science
Notes/Further Reading

Science and Earth History
Interpreting the Form of Genesis: Chronicle of the Cosmos or Cosmogony
Views of Creation Compared
Strengths and Limitations of the Different Positions
Concluding Thoughts
Notes/Further Reading
Early Man and Human Fossils
The Story of Human Evolution
Did Australopithecines Walk Upright?
Ambiguity of Fossil Human Categories
Neandertals and the Paleontologists
The Facts are Not Always Allowed to Speak
A Creationist Perspective of Ancient Humans
Notes/Further Reading
A Christian View of the Environment
Is There an Environmental Crisis?
Some have Blamed Judeo-Christian Thought for our Ecological Problems
Naturalism and Pantheism Have Been Offered as Substitutes
The Christian Environmental Ethic
The Source and Solution of our Ecological Crisis
The Solution is the Witness of the Christian Community within the God, Man and Nature Relationship
The Church has Failed as Steward of the Earth
Further Reading
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     V. Humanities
     VI. Christianity and Culture/Society
     VII. World Religions and the New Age
     VIII. Marriage and Sexuality
     Glossary and Closing Information