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Conference Introduction
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Conference Introduction


This lecture addresses the underlying reason for abortion's widespread acceptance; supports the humanity of the unborn from both biology and Scripture; and examines the issues of post-abortion syndrome and handicapped children. It also answers some of the more prevalent pro-choice rhetoric.

Christian Evidences
This presentation will defend the truth of basic Christian beliefs such as the existence of God, the deity of Jesus, and the divine inspiration of the Bible.

Campus Christianity: How Should We Live?
Four principles for effective Christian witnessing in the classroom are addressed.

The Christian and the Arts
Is there a legitimate place for the appreciation of art and beauty in our lives? What is the relationship of culture to our spiritual life? Are not art and the development of aesthetic tastes really a waste of time in the light of eternity? This presentation will deal with these questions and encourage students to consider the place of the arts in their lives.

The Christian Mind
Why should I care how I think? How should I think? How would thinking better help me in school as well as in my walk with the Lord? is it a lot of work to think "Christianity"? What do I need to do to keep from being covered over by the world's propaganda? If you'd like some answers and some suggestions, come and listen.

Christian Perspective on Homosexuality
In order to have a godly response to those caught in homosexuality, it is important to cultivate an understanding of it. This lecture contrasts the biblical view with the world's views, covers the causes of homosexuality, and answers some frequently asked questions.

Christian View of the Environment
The mandate to "subdue" the earth is addressed in the midst of environmental crisis.

A Christian View of Politics, Government and Social Action
This presentations discusses the role of human nature in civil government, government authority, the moral basis of law, and the way Christians should look at social action.

Christian Views of Science and Earth History
Creation, evolution. Old earth, young earth. Local flood or global catastrophe. What's a Christian to believe? This talk doesn't answer the question, but rather shows the range of answers that Bible-believing Christians have given to these questions. The talk also gives the strengths and limitations of the various views, with the chance to ask questions about who believes what.

Christianity and Culture
What is culture, and how should Christians relate to it? These questions will be addressed as the student is challenged to practice discernment in a secularized, pluralistic culture. Creation/Evolution: What Can We Know About the Origins of the Universe and Life?
The origins debate has raged for many years. This presentation provides insights into the basic premises and offers a sound scientific position.

Culture Wars
The political and social hostility in our society today is the result of a conflict between the orthodox and the progressive world views. This presentation will define the warring factions and discuss what is at stake.

Early Man and Human Fossils
This presentation analyzes the fossil evidence for human evolution from a creationist perspective. The scarcity of fossils, the twists of interpretation, and the fossils that are out, of place are discussed.

The Flow of Western Culture: Do Ideas Have Consequences?
Western man's pilgrimage from the structure and order of the Pre-Renaissance period to the despair and chaos of the present will be traced through the arts.

Guys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus
This presentation explores the differences between men and women and their basis in Scripture. The goal is not only a better understanding of the opposite sex, but a better understanding of ourselves and how God has designed men and women to work together.

God and Evil
The focus will be on the apparent incompatibility between the reality of evil and the existence of a loving, all-powerful God.

Human Nature: Who Are We?
Various views of the nature of man and their consequences are examined and contrasted with the Christian view.

Is Jesus the Only Savior?
One of the most serious obstacles to the Christian faith is the claim that Jesus Christ is the exclusive savior ... the only way to God. How do we respond to this tension between exclusive statements of Scripture, and the charge of "arrogance" and "intolerance"? In this session we will examine the two foremost proposals and offer support for the exclusive position.

Leisure and Entertainment
Entertainment provides one of the most observable stages for the teaching of various world views. The students will be encouraged to think through the ideas they hear, see, and read. Literature and the Christian Imagination
Participants will examine the fascinating parallels between fictional literature and the Bible.

Measuring Morality: What is Right and Wrong?
Students will be challenged to establish an ethical guide for their lives.

Medical Ethics
A scientific and biblical review of three major medical issues today: AIDS, euthanasia, and genetic engineering.

Music and the Christian
Is there such a thing as Christian music? Does music have intrinsic power? Is rock music evil? These and other questions pertaining to the place of music in the Christian's life will be addressed.

The New Age World View
The New Age Movement is influencing contemporary campuses. The student will learn how to recognize and address this movement.

Perspectives on Film
Film is a major part of the entertainment of Americans. Christians especially should think about what they are watching. This seminar will address basic issues such as the elements of film and the place of film in our lives. The student will get important tips on how to interpret the films they see.

Political Correctness on Campus
The concept of "political correctness" has infiltrated many campuses. This session will focus on the basis of this type of thinking and offer a critique.

Science and World View
A popular caricature of science would divorce it entirely from the world of ideas. In the minds of many people science deals with facts only, never with faith or beliefs. This presentation demonstrates the fallacy of these beliefs and emphasizes that the Christian world view that has led to modern science. Far from being enemies, Christianity and science are tied together, both historically and philosophically.

Theology and the Student
This workshop will help the college student understand the importance of theology and develop a theological framework as a guide for life.

Thoughts for the Thinking Student
Christian students need to be made aware of how they can be prepared for the challenges of college life. This session offers several suggestions that can help both students and adults in that preparation.

World Views: What Is True?
The major "isms" (Theism, Naturalism, Pantheism, etc.) in our culture and their influence will be discussed.

Why Wait Till Marriage?
There are many misconceptions about sexuality that lead to frustration, guilt, and despair. When sensuality is understood properly, there is freedom and maximum enjoyment. Contemporary sexual behavior is analyzed as a product of cultural change.

World Religions
This workshop will give a brief overview of the beliefs of the major world religions (Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam) and how they compare to Christianity.