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Notebook Introduction

Welcome !

We, the Probe staff, are pleased you have decided to spend some time with us. It is our hope that after reviewing this notebook you will be able to think more "Christianly." Contemporary thinking, especially in academia, is often contrary to Christian thought if not antagonistic. We recognize that you, a Christian thinker, are a vital combatant in this war of ideas. You are important! If we can encourage you to join in the battle, our time is well-spent. The outlines and bibliographies in this notebook have been written and compiled by the staff of Probe Ministries. We see this resource as a reference tool for present and future study. We hope you will have occasion to refer to it many times in the years to come.

You are our Focus

Please understand that we are here for you. You are our focus. This means we want you to use your time wisely. Please e-mail or write to us with your questions and comments. The e-mail addresses are on the speakers page. We will appreciate it if you will be thinking of constructive ways we can improve our ministry. Your honesty and insights will prove to be of great value to us, as well as to future conference participants.

Navigation of the Notebook

Your "home base" is the two-paged table of contents. From there you can jump to any subject. In the upper left of each page is a listing of what is on that particular page. Of course you can move forward or back with the tan buttons on the top and bottom of each page. If you find errors please let us know at: