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World Religions
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World Religions

Do all religions lead to God?

Rick Rood

Comparison of World Religions

Animism Hinduism Buddhism Orthodox
Islam Christianity
Ultimate Reality, God Distant creator god; Host of lesser gods Pantheism
Unitarian theism Unitarian theism Trinitarian theism
The Cosmos Inhabited by spirits; permeated with spiritual power Illusion
Transient reality Good creation of God Good creation of God Good creation of God
Man Creatures who relate to both earthly and spiritual realms Essentially divine Impermanent phenomenon Creature in God's image Created to be God's slave Creature in God's image
The Human Dilemma Subject to spiritual powers Trapped in samsara due to ignorance and karma Trapped in samsara, life of suffering due to desire and karma Subject to judgment for failure to obey Torah Subject to judgment for failure to submit to will of Allah Alienated from God due to original sin; subject to judgment for personal sin
Salvation Aim is to capture spiritual powers for personal benefit Deliverance from samsara by knowledge, works, or devotion Deliverance from samsara by extinction of desire via 8-fold path, or aid of "divine" being Deliverance from judgment by obedience to Torah Deliverance from judgment by submission to will of Allah Deliverance from judgment through faith in God's gracious provision of atonement
Ultimate Destiny Vague: fate of departed spirits influenced by the living Absorption
Nirvana (extinction of suffering, desire "self") Heaven




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