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Ozark Mind Games 2000 Report: Sunday

The dining room is full and we enjoyed a satisfying meal of pork chops, carrots, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls and white cake with chocolate chips. The Probe instructors enjoyed conversation with both new students and alumni, from several states. A great start!
Ray Bohlin begins orientation for the students by taking them through the notebook, objectives, and schedule. Ray also asked the students about why they were here. They answered with a variety of reasons, mostly centering on needing to know more about their faith and how to defend themselves and answer their friends' questions. Several college students emphasized their need to better equip themselves when faced with situations and questions they did not expect or anticipate. We should have a great conference!
 The students broke up into six groups and were given a set of props to devise a short original skit. This group tried to find ways to warm up freezing travelers in "Antarctica." Eventually they warmed up with crumbled graham crackers shoved down the backs of their shirts!
This group portrayed an "Arnold Schwarzenegger" trying to answer questions in a grocery store about items he knew nothing about! It was hilarious!
Here is the whole group enjoying a laugh during one of the skits. We anticipate a wonderful week with such wonderful students!
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